Benefits of Refurbishing

When refurbishment is appropriate

Reconditioning isn't appropriate in all cases. Construction World advises business owners and equipment managers that before choosing to refurbish, they consider "the type of machine, the size of the fleet and the age and condition of the machine”.

At some point, it will become necessary, or at least preferable, to replace any machine. This applies especially if the machine has been extensively damaged, or has already undergone a less than ideal reconditioning process one or more times in the past.

A thorough inspection by specialists can help determine whether your machine has reached this point.

In general, it's more cost-effective to refurbish large machinery, like motor graders, than smaller equipment.

Another consideration is that refurbishment takes time, and temporary loss of machinery can put a strain on smaller enterprises. Over the long term, however, it's often the most sustainable, cost-effective option.

The benefits of refurbishment

The most obvious benefit of refurbishing machines is the cost savings. These can be as extreme as half of the cost of a new machine – funds you can then put to profitable use in other areas of your business.

Other benefits of refurbishing are that:

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