TLB vs. Excavator

Which Machine Is Best for Your Project?

How big a job do you have in mind? Excavators are built for big and hard jobs – like mining, demolition, rock blasting, and large-scale industrial projects. The TLB on the other hand is more agile and nimble and better suited for small construction, road, and farming projects, in addition to loading jobs and smaller-scale earthmoving jobs.

Although both machines offer a number of attachment options, this is where the TLB outshines the slightly less versatile excavator. The TLB offers more attachment options which in turn widens the range of functions that it is able to perform. The versatility of the TLB is further enhanced by the fact that it can be driven on the road which enables you to use the same machine on multiple work sites.

The final distinguishing factor between these two beasts is their rotation ranges. An excavator is able to rotate the entire machine's chassis and arm 360 degrees. The TLB is not able to execute this full rotation and is typically limited to approximately 200 degrees

Finally, backhoes and excavators have different rotation ranges which make them very different machines from an operator's standpoint. An excavator operator can rotate the entire machine's chassis and arm together in a complete circle, while a backhoe's arm only pivots across a range of about 200 degrees.

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