What Is a TLB?

A TLB is made up of a standard tractor base that supports attachments on both the front and the back. The attachment on the back of the tractor is a digging bucket on the end of a two-part arm. The first arm is known as the boom and the segment that holds the bucket is called the dipper or dipper-stick. The pivot that connects the boom and the dipper is called the king-post. The bucket can be removed and replaced with a number of attachments – such as drills, hammers, rippers, rakes, and breakers to name just a few.

The front side of the tractor will have a loader. Given that there are two attachments on either side of the tractor, the operator's seat is able to swivel 360 degrees which allow the operator to operate both attachments. The front loader can also be replaced with different brooms, plows, and forklifts. In some cases, a backhoe can even serve as a crane by looping the straps of a lifted object over the dipper stick.

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