The Benefit of using TLBs on Farms

While most of your encounters with TLBs have probably been on the road or on construction sites; TLB are beneficial in all kinds of industries, including agriculture. It's true that the TLB machine really shines when it's used to build roads and commercial properties, this machine can do so much more.

TLB is short for Tractor Loader backhoe. The TLB is widely recognized as one of the smaller construction machine types on the market and is one of the most widely used machines in various construction industries.

At the rear of the machine there is a swing frame that many people refer to as a cradle. The arm attached to the swing frame is referred to as a boom. Attached to the boom is a stick also referred to the as the dipper and finally the bucket is attached to the stick.

All implements are controlled by hydraulic cylinders.

The design of the machine makes it ideal for digging of trenches, foundations and swimming pools. There are several variants of the TLB, and all of them can be used in agriculture or construction. Although there are many makes of TLBs, like CASE, JCB, Bell, Komatsu & Manitou, we specialize in Caterpillar TLBs.

The TLB can become an essential tool for your farming needs and would become an indispensable tool. TLBs are very versatile machines due to the fact that they are similar to an excavator at the rear and in the front similar to a front end loader as a result, they can reduce the amount of manual labour required all over the farm; from digging up dirt in preparation for farming/ploughing, to repairing roads to improve the driving experience.

To operate a TLB you would require a skilled operator with a competency certificate.

Projects can be completed faster when you hire a TLB for your operation. Again, this means you save money due to getting the job done quickly.

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